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Dashakriya - Marathi Full Movie Download | Watch Online - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Cast: Aaryab Adhav, Dilip Prabhavalkar, Manoj Joshi, Milind Phatak, Uma Sardeshmukh, Aditi Deshpande,

Director: Sandeep Bhalchandra Patil

The movie, Dashakriya, has been the subject of controversy recently due to the explicit highlights of the antiquated traditions and pretense in the religious sectors, thus, giving the viewers a different perspective on social structures. Depicting this reality made some groups like the Brahmins to react and to ban the screening of this award-winning film.

To give you an overview, this film is based on the novel with the same title written by Baba Bhand. The story happened in a small town of Paithan, specifically, on the banks of Godavari. A lot of Hindu families would visit the place to carry out the final rites for the deceased loved ones. The rites are supposed to be sacred and religious in nature, but it turned out to be a business opportunity for some town folks, especially to the presiders like Keshav Bhatji, portrayed by Joshi. The latter is a crafty soul whose main flair is taking advantage of the emotional vulnerability of the family members of the deceased for the purpose of gaining profit. Not everyone in the same profession agreed to Keshav, but they remained silent due to their helplessness. Until one day, a brave soul arouse in the person of Patre Savkar, portrayed by Prabhavalkar.

He is the Village Chief who wanted to put an end to Keshav unbecoming behavior. On the other hand, the main character of this film represents some social injustices. He is a young boy named Bhanya, portrayed by Adhav. He came from a poor family with an alcoholic father. His situation forced him to go out and make a living. He frequently stayed at the riverbank with his friend and that is where he discovered earning from the sacred rites through picking coins from the ashes.

There are two major hitches in the film. First is the arrangement of songs. It seems confusing to the audience. It results to the inconsistency of the story mood. This leads to the second hitch and that is how the story unfolds. Its like giving the audience a different twist. On the lighter side, the actors performances give justice to the whole film. They are effective in their roles, but its Manoj Joshi who really stands out in the film. He deserves being the National Award for Best Supporting actor. His portrayal of the character of Keshav Bhat is effective enough to provoke the emotions of the audience.

Despite the films major hitches, it does not affect the whole presentation of the film.Dashakriya is a no-nonsense moviethat will serve as an eye-opener and it's all worth your time and money.

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