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Savai Sarjachya Navane Changbhala - Marathi Movie Online Free - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Movie : Savai Sarjachya Navane Changbhala Marathi Movie

Cast:Vishal Kudale (Kamlaji), Shrinivas G. Kulkarni (Malji), Sharad Ponkshe (Mhaskoba), Mayur Shinde (Tulaji), and Rahul Solapurkar  (Sutradhar)

Director:Vishal Kudale

Synopsis: This is a Marathi movie written and directed by Vishal Kudale under Kamakshi Entertainment. It is a drama genre depicting aspects of history of India. Specifically, it touches certain facts about faith and devotion of many Hindus.

The story is about a man named Kamlaji Dangar, a cattle caretaker. Regularly, he would attend to his cattle and he has a habit of bringing them to Sonari and Borban Villages where the richer grassland lies. On the other hand, he is also devoted to Lord Kaal Bhairava, a deity mostly worshipped by Dhangar caste.During his break, he would visit the temple situated in Sonari to pay respect to the Lord. He would really spend time taking care of Lord Kaal by washing and putting ornaments to it. After which, he would meditate to connect and then he would offer a piece of bhakri.  He is really serious in his worship that he cannot skip a day without performing these rites.

It will take a while before he goes back to his cattle at dawn. Later on, the villagers began to notice a permanent presence of a visitor at night. They want to protect the temple so they decided to assign a night watcher. Kamlaji never thought that it will soon become a problem, until Lord Kaal showed up to him and warned him of the danger he might be facing when he pushes through.

He seems too adamant that he is determined to go back even after he’s warned. With this, Lord Kaal just left a promise of visiting him instead. But it was not granted, so he decided to continue going to Sonari without heeding the danger that awaits him.


It seems like a budget film since the writer, producer, director, and lead actor were just one and the same person, Vishal Kudale.

The whole concept is simple and it may appear boring, but looking at the bigger picture, it may serve as a reminder to people about the richness of history, culture, and traditions – that no matter how much we strive to be progressive and keep up with the changing times, it is still important to go back to the roots and be in touch with our faith.

This movie is worth watching when we focus more on the message it wants to convey.

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