Rampaat (2018) Marathi Movie - 4.9 out of 5 based on 7 reviews
Rampaat (2018) Marathi Movie

Ravi Jadhav has directed various excellent films in Marathi like Natrang, Balgandharva, Balak Palak, Timepass and Timepass 2. Last November, during the Diwali festival, he revealed his next exciting project under the same film industry. The Marathi movie title is Rampaat with Mangesh Kulkarni and Meghana Jadhav as the producers under Zee Studios and Athaansh Communications respectively.

He has not made any announcement yet as to who will play the roles of the characters or the final star casts. On the other hand, the shooting will start off only after the release of his other movie with the title Nude. Other pertinent details are about to be released soon when the whole thing is already decided upon, but definitely, it will be released in 2018. There is no doubt about it.

We can look forward to another impressive presentation since we are dealing with a high calibre professional. Ravi is not someone new in the field of acting and directing. Ravi Jadhav, the director, is a recognized film maker due to his past achievements. He has proven himself a lot of times that is why he is already one of the respected people in the industry. He won the Best Feature in the 2009 National Film Awards.

He also won three awards at the 5th National Film Awards for the movie Balgandharva. In addition, he received an award for Best Non-Feature Animation Film at the 48th National Fil Awards in the movie, Landscape. This long list of notable successes is a strong assurance that any project that he would handle will always be a quality one.

A preliminary poster was released and it seemed to create an impression that Rampaat is another story of love.

We can always hope for the best in this upcoming film. Just sit back and relax. The movie, Rampaat, will surely be added on your list soon. 

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