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Lapachhapi (2017) Marathi Horror Movie - 4.5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews
Lapachhapi (2017) Marathi Horror Movie

Lapachapi (2017)- is an upcoming Marathi horror, thriller and suspense movie in 2017. There was a gossip rumor in the Marathi film Industry that Pooja Sawant is Pregnant. Pooja has acted in many Marathi hit movies like Dagadi Chawl, Poster Boys, Sangto Aika, Cheater and Kshanabhar Vishranti.

One of her photo with baby bumb is viral online on social media. Pooja Sawant is single, and then what is the truth behind her pregnancy photo. The truth is that she is doing a promotion of her upcoming horror movie ‘Lapacchapi’. Pooja Sawant has played a role of a pregnant woman in this movie. Recently, different skills are used for the promotion of the movie. Innovative ideas are fought for any film to reach the maximum audience. This means that due to the upcoming film, there is talk about the audience in the media, and hence the promotion of the movie itself is going on.

Every new upcoming movie is a new topic, a new sensation. That's why the fans of Marathi film industry are increasing worldwide. Similar is the way a movie is coming from a different audience. The upcoming film ‘Lapacchchi’  is coming with a different thrill. Looking at the trailer of a movie that looks different from the Marathi movies seen so far.

Starting with mysterious song, ‘Ye na g Aai tu Khelayala’, movie ‘Lapacchapi’s teaser trailer has been released online. ‘Jo ghabrala to out’, is the catchline of the movie.

This movie, which is a scare-away film, is directed by Vishal Furia. Midas Touch Movie’s Jitendra Patil and Wild Elephant Motion Pictures Pvt Ltd’s Aruna Bhat and Suryaveersingh Buller has produced the movie. Vishal Furiya has written the plot of this film. Since the trailer is released online, this movie is said to be suspense, thriller. The role of Pooja Sawant's central role in this film is also the role of artists like Usha Naik, Anil Gawas and Vikram Gaikwad, and on 14th July, 'Lapachapi' is being released in entire Maharashtra.

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+2 # monica 2017-07-21 12:58
g8 movie....I am fan of Pooja Sawant.
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