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Saha Gun - 6 Gun (2017) Marathi Movie

Saha Gun - 6 Gun (2017) is an upcoming Marathi movie in 2017. After the great success of National Award winning movie Killa a mother-son due Amruta Subhash and Archit Deodhar return back with the new movie 6 Gun. That means once again the audience will get to see the apir of Amruta and Archit. This time also they will b seen in the mother-son relation. Along with Amruta and Archit Sunil Barve is alos playing a major role in this film.
Before this movie Amruta Subhash and Archit has effectively presented a lovely relationship of mother and son. Both are appreciated for their role in Killa movie.
The trailer and poster of the movie 6 Gun (Saha Gun) has been released. and after watching the trailer online the movie is all about education.

Director Kiran Gawade making his debut as a director

The movie 6 Gun (Saha Gun) is directed by Kiran Gawade, produced by Ujjwala Gawade and Abhishek Jathar and co-produced by Ashok Kotiena and it is presented to you by GK productions. It has been said that the movie also stars forty trained child actors.
This film will release on April 14, 2017.

Saha Gun - based on changing Education System

There are many changes happning in the education system in today's era. This film is all about education, the story of the moview moves around a child's education. Now a days along with children parents have to run behind the child. The director lights on such questions through this movie. 
The music is launched by our education minister Vinod Tawade. Raj Pawar has composed the music and sung one of the song for this film Saha Gun. Suresh Wadkar, Kapil Redkar, Ravindra have sung the songs for the film.


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