G Kutta Se (2017) Hindi Movie - 2.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
G Kutta Se (2017) Hindi Movie

G Kutta Se (2017) - is an upcoming bollywood movie in 2017. Everyone has heard that 'a day comes for every dog' this is so true. There is also a time in Bollywood that is entirely on dogs. It means that many such movies have come on theatre, which are either completely based on dogs,  or they have a significant role in them. The audience also took these films with their key characters in hand.

This film is set in the interior area of ​​Haryana which is known for the high rate of female feticide. "G Kutta Se" is a movie exploring the blind and filthy world of Honor Killing and Sexual Offenses in India.

The story of the movie is surrounded by three characters from a village near Delhi. Deekhsa is caught in the camera, Kiran who makes love with wrong boy and Virendra is a young man running on the roads of will, he treats women as per his wish.

This is the forst feature movie of director Rahul Dahiya.  This movie became the world premiere at the Chicago South Asian Film Festival, and its official selection was also done at the New York Indian Film Festival 2016 and the 17th Geo Mami Mumbai Film Festival. The film was also nominated for the 2016 YES Foundation Social Impact Awards. 'G Kutta Se', will be released on June 9.

"G Kutta Se" is a  bold effort on the controversial subject of Honor Killing in India. In this, a taboo theme has been seen with a fresh look and a different look through the lens of realism. This is different from all the films that have been made so far on this subject.

This movie is a mixer of Hindi and Haryanavi language. The writer-director of Haryana, Rahul Dahiya has prepared the film based on his own personal experiences.

 He says, "Every year, thousands girls killed by their families, sometimes  mothers, fathers or brothers. The reason is not always connected to the family" honor "as is widely believed, but often jealous, sexual vengeance, an interplay of ego and power.


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