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Bahubali 2 - First movie to earn Rs. 500 crore before release - 5.0 out of 5 based on 2 reviews
Bahubali 2

The audience is awaiting the 2nd part of the successful movie Bahubali. Now the second series Bahubali 2 will release on 28th April 2017. This film has already earned Rs. 500 crore before release by selling its Theatrical Rights.

The movie Bahubali 2 will be released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu language. This movie has made record breaking earning from the Theatrical Rights and it is become the first movie to earn lot of money before release.

All languages version of this film are sold with worth Rs. 120 crore - Hindi version, 130 crore - Telugu and 47 crore - Tamil version.In Karnataka, distribution rights are sold for 45 crore and Kerla 10 million. In North America 45 million distributions rights have been sold.

The producers of Bahubali 2 hope that their film will be successful at the box office. 

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