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Chef (2017) Hindi Saif Ali Khan Movie | Review - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review

Chef is all set to hit the Box Office in the next two days worldwide. The movie starring Saif Ali Khan and PadmapriyaJanakiraman in the lead roles is an official remake of the American Comedy Drama which hit the screens in 2014. The movie is directed by Raja Krishna Menon who is one of the producer too has already set a high expectation on the Saif Ali Khan starring picture. The posters resemble the Hollywood released Chef with the lead roles and the plot is believed to be the same with a spicy Bollywood touch.

The tracks are by the duo Amaal Malik and Raghu Dixit which are trending online. The team is keeping the audience at wait with the consistent release of tracks from 6th to 18th of September where the tracks were released one by one and a final compilation of all the six tracks came as a gift to music lovers on 26th September. T-Series took the credit of releasing the tracks online which is streamed on all popular social networks.

The story revolves around a Professional Chef who quits his job after a public disagreement with a food critic and returns back home to fix his Food truck. He sets out to sell food in various cities and on their way back he meets up with his ex-wife and their young son who are invited and taken with him. The way the movie travels from the time he quits his job till the happy ending where the reunion and business bloom is all set on a humorous platform bringing the essence of anger, love, hard work and happiness in a blend highlighting the emotions of a father rediscovering his bond with his lost son.

Post the effects of the tracks released a few weeks back, the movie is all set to be released across the globe on 6th October. The Chef is soon expected to be available online for all its viewers in every corner of the world. Watch the movie online, travelling with the stars across love, care, happiness and of course food where the Chef is expected to deliver a Multi-cuisine flavors on-screen. For all the dads’ out there, download and enjoy the movie streaming with your kid beside.

As the ice cream melts in your hands, melt in love with your family beside. This master Chef is all set to bring back the good moments spent with family and would take to freeze every further moment to be spent. Take a break, taste the new recipe of the Chef to add up flavors to your family. 

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