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Secret Superstar (2017) Hindi Movie | Amir Khan | Zaira Wasin - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 review
Secret Superstar (2017) Hindi Movie

After Dangal crashing every box office record both within and outside nation, Aamir Khan is set to come back with Secret Superstar which is a Musical Drama with Zaira Wasin in the lead role and Aamir Khan in the second lead as reported by Aamir. The movie has already gained a huge fan base as the rock star duo is holding hands again for a woman oriented subject. The movie revolves around a Muslim girl who aspires to be a singer and sets to upload videos on YouTube concealing her identity where Aamir Khan brings her to the limelight.

Secret Superstar is written and directed by Advait Chandan and produced by the couple, Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao. It was announced way back in 2015, titled Aaj Phir Jeene Ki Tamanna Hei and later in April 2016 the title was changed to Secret Superstar. The film has also risen high speculation as A R Rahman who was initially approached opted out because of the delay in project, the expectations on the Music Director, Amit Trivedi sore up and with all the soundtracks released on social media, the response reflects the justice done from the end of the composer.

In comparison with the Box Office Blockbuster- Dangal, Aamir said that Secret Superstar is a much bigger movie and its expectations at the box office is huge too. While both the movies are of Women Empowerment, the Secret Superstar, is the dreams and aspirations of the 14 years old girl herself, unlike that of the father’s dream which was the storyline of Dangal. It is all about how a Muslim girl pursues her dreams without letting both her dreams and that of her religion’s principles down.

The songs are already viral in social media which is still inching the audience to look forward to October 19th for the grand release of the Dangal Duo onscreen. The songs are available online and is frequently downloaded by millions of viewers across the nation. Download and enjoy the trending tracks of the movie in Saavan, Jiomusic, Wynk, Ghana and all other leading music apps. Since the movie4 trails around Social Media to bring out hidden talents, it has already started to gain momentum in the same platform where the songs are viral and the full movie is set to hit soon.

Grab a popcorn and mark the date, they are coming on 19 October 2017. Yet another music sensation from Bollywood is soon hitting screen after delays and postponement just to prove the Secret Superstar is worth the wait!!

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